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Hyosung Corporation

21-1, Seosomun-dong
Seoul, 100-110
Korea (South)

Tel: +82 (2) 3707-1806
Fax: +82 (2) 3707-2305

Contact: Mr. H.W. Rha
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler,
Employees: 1200
Year Established: 1957
Annual Sales Volume: greater than $500M
Bank Ref: Hanil Bank, Namdaemoon-Ro 2GA 130, Seou
Harmonized System Codes: 3920 3921 3923 3926 4805 5107 5402 5508 5509 5603 5607 5608 5703 5804 5902 5903 5906 6001 6305 7217 7312 9606

Business Message

Hyosung Corporation, both the parent company and the international division of
leading general trading companies that have played a pivotal role in the growth of
the modern Korea economy.

Hyosung, which was founded in 1957, with its long experience and tradition, was
appointed by the Korea Government as a general trading company in August 1976
and has been growing steadily as a forerunner in Korea's trade.

Well informed of the lastest trade-trend and technologies through its worldwide
network of more than 50 overseas branch offices, Hyosung actively deals with the
ever-changing external trade enviornment. In addition to exporter & importer
activities, Hyosung is also involved in industrial fields such as plant construction and
overseas resources development.

With its motto of "SINCERITY, CREATIVITY and HARMONY", Hyosung is always ready
to provide its full-hearted services to the international business community.


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